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Preeti Shashank
Life Coach

Who is Preeti Shashank?

Preeti Shashank is a name who has carved out the way for herself in her life and written her own destiny defeating all odds and hurdles.

Preeti is an ex-army brat who is courageous and has patriotism in her blood . Throughout her life she has explored several corners of India and was overwhelmed with the diverse culture of India.

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Read below to know about her early Life.

Preeti Shashank

Life Transformation Coach

Early Life Of Preeti Shashank

Born and brought up in a Brahmin Family of Varanasi. Her Childhood was spent  in incalculating morals and ethics of life. Discipline, righteousness and self-belief have been the core values since birth. As a schoolchild, she was very shy which turned upside down on entering the University. She kept on adding values throughout her life.

She believed herself in her whole life and which helped her to overcome from bad times in her life.

Professional Life Of Preeti Shashank

After her College, she pursued Hotel Management and worked for three years in the Hospitality Industry. Tried to be an Air Hostess, but after being selected in the Indigo Airlines, she soon realised that this is not what her heart wanted. Switched Industry and joined the corporate sector at that time where she worked for six years until last year. When she realised the vocation of her life and decided to become a Life Transformation Coach and influence others. 

Personal Life Of Preeti Shashank

This has been probably the toughest aspect of her life and we need to take lessons from her. Born in an orthodox brahmin family, it was very difficult for her to break through the shackles of society and carve out her own way. Deciding to marry a Maharashtrian guy and holding into it for the past 9 years has been the most crucial and toughest part of her life.

After battling all the hurdles and surfing through all the odds of life, she is here to help millions with her experience of life and try to make it better in any aspect.

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Things She Can Help You with

Life Mentoring

Get some soul healing and guidance for your future career and vocational directions.

Self Development

Develop skills for achieving success by transforming your life bit by bit to overcome from any situation.

Social Media Influencing

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Youtube Videos

Subscribe her youtube channel to hear from her and learn many thing regarding transforming your life.

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