Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win

Winners never Quit
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Winners never Quit and Quitters never Win

“It does not matter how many times you try as long as you keep going.” – Preeti Shashank

Sitting in his lab, experimenting numerous times, tried again and again but failed. Performed thousands of attempts at inventing the light bulb and even after so much effort the  future did not look promising, but he didn’t give up, he went on performing experiments. After 1000s of unsuccessful attempts, one attempt was successful and he invented the light bulb.

Yes, the story of Great Thomas Edison has been in our mind since childhood and what can be a better example of “Winners never Quit and Quitter never Win“. Just imagine that if Edison would have quit at the last unsuccessful attempt, it is even difficult to imagine the world without the Light bulb (though I agree, if he would have quit after 1000 attempts, someone else would have invented the light bulb), but this invention by Edison did not just give us the bulb, it also gave an enduring life lesson that will continue to have an impact throughout our life and then he further went on to patent more than 1000 inventions to his name.

“We must never give up on things we love to do.” – Preeti Shashank

Why you must never quit?

Keeping Edison’s story in mind, it can simply be said that you never know when the breakthrough moment will come and hence you must never quit. But it is not as simply done as said, we need to dive deep to understand it.

A person who does not persevere his goal will get nowhere and stagnate where he/she is. What is the assurance that when you quit one thing and begin the other, you won’t quit the other? Quitting seems more like a characteristic of the person than being a circumstantial decision.

It depends a lot on the reason that drives you to do something, that reason must not be fragile because if it is there are more chances that you may quit midway. Conversely when you have a robust reason to pursue something and you are beginning it with an expectation of winning, then you are already halfway there.

“Winners never Quit” is justified by the place they are in now. It is never by accident or chance (exceptions excluded), it is by facing and overcoming all the difficulties and challenges that come in the path and this justifies another proverb “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

“Quitters never Win” makes perfect sense. Because on the highway of life there are no milestones indicating how far the success is and hence you need to keep cruising on the highway of your life to reach your destination. If you quit, you may also have an everlasting regret of quitting, hence NEVER QUIT.

By the way, we must not always look down on people who quit or fail. At least they tried and poured in their effort to achieve something, which is far better than the ones who just keep procrastinating and don’t do anything.

“Persistence is self-discipline in action.” – Preeti Shashank

What is the Power of Persistence and how winners use it?

The conventional definition of persistence is “refusing to give up or let go despite difficulties and obstacles in your path.” And hence the Law of Persistence states that “your ability to persist through setbacks and disappointments and adversity is a measure of the belief you have in yourself and in your ability to succeed.

Persistence is an essential factor in the procedure of turning desire into reality. Persistence generally is the product of WILL POWER. There may be no heroic connotation to the word persistence, but this quality is to the character of the man what carbon is to steel.

Persistence can be strengthened by some of the definite causes like Definiteness of Purpose, Desire, Self-reliance, Definiteness of plans, Accurate Knowledge, Co-operation, Will-power, Habit.

Symptoms which show the lack of persistence are Weakness of Desire, Fear of Criticism, Unorganised plans, Wishing instead of willing, Achieve without sacrificing, Procrastination, Indecision, Compromising with Poverty.

Something called luck seems very hazy because in reality the more you do, the more persistent you become and hence the luckier you get. Probability of success increases by the number of events.

Successful people are not necessarily smarter and intelligent than the unsuccessful people, it is just that they have decoded the underlying principle to success i.e. persistence.

So, good luck if you are persistent in the goal that you set for yourself in the past and if not then realise that it is never too late and you can start right now.

“We must choose to quit things that does not define us.” – Preeti Shashank

Why sometimes quitting is important?

I recently read a story of a boy who lost his father at the age of 12. His father was a farmer who had a small land which was his source of earning and sustenance for the family. Being in huge debt, untimely death burdened the responsibility of repayment on the son as he was his only child. Left with no other option, he started working in the field daily to earn to survive and save for the repayment. After 4 years, he was able to successfully repay all the debt and was also making a good amount of money from the field (you can say that he was a rich and successful farmer by now). But he never enjoyed being in the field because he was always interested in machines. One day he decided to quit farming, sold the land, enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering course and pursued his interest.

This story necessitates understanding the context for quitting. As I said in the 1st section “Quitting seems more like a characteristic of the person than being a circumstantial decision”, I remind it again. The boy did not quit farming when he was obliged to pay the debts. He worked hard for 4 long years without quitting and established himself as a Winner and then went on to pursue his interest.

Never quit does not mean that you should NOT QUIT a toxic relationship, a job you hate, an activity you don’t enjoy, a sucking business venture, an unpromising idea etc.

In a positive consumer culture, we are bombarded by the belief that we must be as affirmative as possible. Be open to opportunities, be accepting, say yes to everything and everyone. But instead we need to reject and quit something. If we don’t quit anything then the other things lose value and we stand for nothing in specific. To truly appreciate something, you must confine yourself to it. The point is that to value something, we must reject and quit the things that don’t come in that something. For example: When you chose to be a good athlete, then you must quit habits and activities that are not in sync with it, even if your best friend insists.

“We never lose, we either win or learn.” – Preeti Shashank


Well, to summarise it can be said that quitting or persisting in any situation depends on the characteristics of the person in that situation rather than the situation itself.

It is not a one-off thing , you need to inculcate persistence in your habit or you might never rise above the state of being a quitter. Well, after reading this people will think to themselves that they have been to the worst of situations which no one can understand and in that situation, quitting was the only option. Then, my reply to them think twice and you may find something else.

Concluding on a persisting note that you will share my words with other people and try to help them if you are in a position to help.

Thank you for reading.

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