Nature vs technology: Which side to choose?

Nature vs technology
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Nature vs technology: Which side to choose?

I will present you with lifestyle of two groups of people from two different sides of the world to show the contrast between their lifestyle to present a debate on Nature vs technology keeping them as our base. So, let’s begin.

The first group is the Centenarians of Ogimi from Okinawa – “The place of centenarians”
1. Life expectancy of men is 78 years and women is 86 years and for the whole population it averages out 84. Okinawa is home to more than 400 centenarians.
2. Being a centenarian is not that easy and it takes a lot.
3. Most of them had an active lifestyle even after turning 90 as they kept themselves engaged in engaged in farming, mowing and other activities.
4. Regular and moderate exercise is a must for all of them.
5. Generally, they preferred vegan diet rich in vitamins and other nutrients, the Ogimi people also have a concept of eating 80% of the capacity of stomach for better digestion.
6. They organize social gatherings and community parties to promote engagement, cohesiveness, interaction and harmony in the society and the centenarians are never left behind.
7. Sleep is the most important part of their 24-hour day, and they say good quality and quantity sleep is crucial for being healthy and fit because sleep relaxes your body and helps in muscle recovery.
8. The most important aspect of their lifestyle is a stress-free life, stress releases cortisol in the body which have long-term negative impacts on life.
They conclude by saying – “Not just for living 100 years, but in general they follow this lifestyle for a blissful life.”

The second group is the people of New York. – “The city that does not sleeps
1. Premature deaths are gradually becoming a norm by addition of teenager suicides in the list.
2. Passive lifestyle at very early age is complementary being surrounded by the premium technologies of the planet and they retire from work in their 50s.
3. In a hectic schedule, carving out the time for regular exercise seems very difficult.
4. Highest meat consuming city is New York complemented with all the other life damaging stuffs like ciggarrets, alcohol, drugs etc. And it is quite obvious that they eat more than their belly can hold.
5. Social Media has reduced social gatherings drastically and hence video conferencing has become the mode to assemble people in groups (even for a celebration). Nuclear families are walking away from the blessing of being in a joint family or even a cohesive society.
6. As it is said, “The city that does not sleeps” and it stands true in every sense because New York has the best nightlife in the world and offers you every possible option to not sleep when needed.
7. I don’t need to say much about the relation between stress and the people of New York. Even the 14-year-old are stressed in this city.

In a nutshell it can be said that the lifestyle of people New York is just the opposite of Ogimis (Okinawa) in every aspect and hence the result is also opposite as they live a chaotic life.

After all, it is our life and we have the right to choose our lifestyle, either we can take inspirations from the Centenarians or the people of New York. It is not that we need to go to the extremes, but maintaining a healthy balance between technology and nature is the key by adding couple of elements from the lifestyle of both groups of people. Eat and sleep like Okinawans and work like New Yorkers.

We may watch a movie for entertainment, but meditation is also important for relaxing the mind.
We may play a VR game, but walking in the meadows has it own bliss.
We may video call our close ones, but going to meet them makes us eternally happy.
We may post online on earth/environment day, but planting a tree has its benefits & pleasures.
We may give the toddlers video games, but playing with them without technology is heavenly bliss.
We may capture infinite photos on vacation, but living the moment keeping the camera aside is worthy.
And the list goes on of the activities where technology can be avoided without any loss.

The harsh truth is that we may be think that technology gives us unlimited access and freedom but in reality, it binds our freedom as we are deluded form our reality of existence and we never value our true potential when wrapped up in the blanket of technology. Every technology is man-made and being immersed completely in technology limits the infinite potential of humans in the fully awakened state, instead we need to make eternal connections with the nature to live a blissful life. For ex- “The power of Kundalini is far more than a supercomputer.”

And it is not just about the two cities I have discussed, it is becoming the norm of the global population as we are witnessing an exponential growth in the technology. Here is another comparison between the lifestyle of people.

Primitive HumansModern Humans
Worked adequately and necessarily.Works most of the time and are alert to any threats.
Felt stress only in very specific
Are online or waiting for notifications from their cell phones twenty-four hours a day.
The threats were real: A predator
could end their lives at any
The brain associates the ping of a cell phone or an e-mail
notification with the threat of a predator.
High doses of cortisol and
adrenaline at moments of danger
kept the body healthy.
Low doses of cortisol flow constantly through the body, with implications for a range of health problems, including adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.

We need to realise that technology came into existence to solve our problems but today technology has itself become the problem of people. Technology was made to solve our problems but it seems to create more than solving.

The bottom line is that nature and technology can’t even be compared to choose one. Nature is life giving and what we see around us is the manifestation of millions of years and are still standing around us whereas the smartphones don’t last more than a couple of years.


To conclude on a balanced positive-note we need to understand that in the present era the two (nature and technology) are inseparable. We aspire to be surrounded by technologies to make our lifestyles easier and at the same time we also wish for an organic and healthy lifestyle. So, we need to understand that in this see-saw of life, achieving the balance point is the key. We must eat organic and try as much as possible for a healthy lifestyle and on the other hand drawing a limiting line for the use of technology is important. There is no need to chose a side because you can’t, therefore balancing the see-saw of technology and nature is the key.

Hope you liked it, feel free to share your views on how to ensure this balance in the comment box.

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  1. Anand

    Very true and reality of today is people are more focussed on what others will think and its become like a running race.

  2. Shweta

    Oh my god… Such a beautiful content. You seem to be a passionate and deep thinking blogger. Just upload such contents.

  3. Arnav

    Great insight on such a beautiful topic, thank you so much for helping me out with these facts ans concepts.


    “The Power of Kundalini (Human Potential by tapping into Nature) is more than the power of Super Computer.” Wowww absolutely awesome article. Perfectly pointing the necessity of human connection with nature.

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