Father: The blood of Your Life


Father: The blood of Your Life

“If the mother is the heart of your body, then your father is the blood of the body.”

Every relation has a separate role to play in our lives and at times it becomes very difficult to label one as the most important and other as the least important because you cannot. This article is relationships with father discussing the in and outs of the relationship, but at the same time I would like to make it clear that every relation must be embraced.

We celebrate Mother’s Day with full joy and utmost intensity but tend to fail at times to do the same for our fathers on Father’s Day. Let’s make it special this year and take a pledge to do the same for the rest of our life. Though I am a week late and that does not reduce the reverence and love for Father’s, and being late is good because by now everyone is silent after a week and hence it is an opportunity for me to kindle the love for your Fathers which you had on Father’s Day and try to keep it intact for the rest of your life.

Characteristics of a Father:

“The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get.” – Tim Russert

When you observe the characteristics of the fathers, it is very relatable to metaphorically describe them as coconuts – “Hard from outside, soft from inside”. And I believe I don’t need to elaborate much on this because probably everyone would have observed it numerous times in their life.

The image of an average father is tough, strong, strict, affectionate, caring (at least in India). Drawing reference from the Coconut characteristics, fathers are generally strict to their children but melt as soon as they see any grief on their kid’s face. Fathers are the driving force of a family and are generally responsible for providing physical sustenance to the family whereas mothers have the responsibility to provide meta-physical sustenance to the family.

I would like to draw an analogy here between the relationship of a mother and a father – “If a mother is a heart to your body then the father is blood to it”. Try to understand this analogy here, the function of the heart is to pump up the blood throughout the body and hence the heart is useless without the blood in the body and the body will die. Therefore, fathers are the blood of the system who provide for you by earning and bringing the physical sources, whereas mothers put those physical sources to work by using their metaphysical powers (power of the heart). This is just one example but the same analogy fits probably all the aspects of life. And hence this is the best analogy I have.

Relationship with Father:

“By the time a man realises that maybe his father right, he usually
has a son who thinks he is wrong.” – Charles Wadsworth

Relationship with fathers is probably the most underrated relationship in the world. I put it in such a harsh way because it is he who makes the most sacrifices throughout his life just to make your life easy and luxurious. He had spent decades in his 9-5 job so that he may be able to fulfil your demands before you even uttered it. What makes me sad in this case is that being in his work for decades he has sacrificed those beautiful hours which he could have spent with his kid and had made cherishable memories for the old age (when they are separated from their child in most cases and the numbers are growing incessantly).

Fathers act as firewall protection from every possible threat in our life. They are the backbone in our life leveraging an unequitable support in every aspect. Generally, the child takes his father as the 1st best friend of his life and they share a playful and friendly bond in the childhood which tends to fade away gradually as we grow up and tend to rely more on our friends for support and enjoyment. We must strive to keep that bond intact throughout our life.

When it comes to imparting knowledge, fathers are initial teachers who play a crucial role in inculcating wisdom to the children. They pour their experience of their life to arm their child with shields against this wicked world. This reminds me of one of our very common mistakes, we at times reject our father’s suggestion and opinions, we need to realise that at times their suggestion may not yield results but their intentions are always good and pure for you. So, no matter what we must respect our father’s suggestions and opinions and try to abide by them as much possible for our own good.

Sorry state:

“A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he
meant to be”. – Carol Coats

I have read a lot of articles and many interviews of old people who said that they were not satisfied with the behaviour of their children when they reach old age. The most common reason turned out to be financial independence, in most of the cases, old fathers reported that as their child becomes stronger day by day financially they tend to make distance which is very often observed in case of Urban metro migration of kids and parents are left behind with no or very less connection and affection. At this stage, we must promise ourselves that no matter what we will always prefer our parents over our work and try to take a collective approach including parents and work in that 24-hour schedule.

The number of people in old age homes is gradually rocketing with the passing time and it feels very sorry to say that old age homes are running out of space with each passing day.

Where did we fail as a society?
We need to ponder over it and find an answer to reduce that number down. Because if we did not make an effort to bring that number down, in the coming generation we may be one of them (may god not make us one of the people in old age homes in our old age).

At the time we tend to chase our career/dreams incessantly that we forget we have a father behind and everything achieved won’t be worth if you lose him in the way without being able to acknowledge him at every step. So, do not wait for the day to come when you will realise that he is ageing and chronologically he will be the first to leave this world before you, so make the most of the time left.

“What you teach your children, you also teach their children.”

Hope you liked the blog and I apologize if any of my words may have hurt sentiments.

Thank You for reading.

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