Mother: The epitome of selfless love

Relationship with Mother

Mother: The epitome of selfless love

Every relation has a separate role to play in our lives and at times it becomes very difficult to label one as the most important and other as the least important because you cannot. But this blog is about the relationship with our mother which I hope most of you will agree that this is the most important relationship in one’s life.

“I can imagine no heroism greater than motherhood” – Lance Conrad

Well, honestly the relationship with our mother is most-toughest to describe in words, probably language does not offer you that opportunity. So please forgive me if I don’t make much sense in describing this relationship because I am sure I can’t come even close to the actual description of the relationship. 

What can you say about the person who had you in her womb for 9 months (the so-called modern-day relationships don’t even last this long)? We will probably never understand the efforts it takes to bear a child.

The value and divinity of this relationship can be estimated by the fact that even the Almighty God chose Mother’s to be the carriers of life in the world. Be it human, be it animals or any other living organisms: all of them are brought to life through the womb of their mothers. And hence what other than this relationship can be the epitome of selfless love and a benchmark to base other relation.

A lady becomes a mother when she gives birth to a child (part of her) and hence the post-birth life is devoted entirely to the child. And hence mothers are not born, they are made through the course of their lifetime and what can be more beautiful than this. Becoming mother is definitely the most valuable phase of a women’s life and it is cherished for lifetime. Find me someone in the Universe who can love you more selflessly than your mother, I bet you can’t.

If evolution really works, how come mothers have only two hands? – Milton Berle

The relationship with our mother is like ‘Beta Ek roti aur Kha le’ even after you are full and that is out of love and being in love she does not know any limits. And I still wonder where that extra food goes, it is like there is something like mother’s corners in the stomach that went undiscovered by the scientists (just kidding).  This example extends to all areas of life wherever and whenever you need your mother because she loves you selflessly more than anyone. It’s just us who fail to understand the love and quarrel and disagree often. We must understand that whatever our mothers say, its for our own good, Yes, I agree at times her decision may be wrong but her intentions can never be wrong. Hence trust her no matter what.

The concept of celebrating this relationship only one day every year seems very unnatural. The person who dedicates her entire life for us deserves at least an hour daily (the more the better). Every day can be Mother’s Day and you can do this just by talking to her or helping her in some of the daily chores. Just like in infancy we felt isolated when alone and we desired companionship, same is the case with old people, they desire your companionship and hate isolation. So just talking to her on a daily basis will make a huge difference. Inculcating this in your routine will definitely make you feel better. But on the other side it feels sorry to say that even this much has become tough in the modern-day lifestyle and if you belong to this category, then please reconsider your lifestyle. Kudos to the ones who make celebrate Mother’s Day every day.

“Don’t ever compromise with your mother for any other relationship.”

Now let’s discuss some harsh truths about the relationship with mothers as many people may not think in this manner.

These days the value of this relationship is gradually going down. This is probably because in this materialistically driven world we seem to embrace our degree, work, wealth more than anything. We leave our home for getting a degree then for higher studies and again for work (don’t misinterpret me that I am condemning these things, I am trying to emphasize a balanced life). And at the time we tend to value other relations more than our mother. This distance is probably disturbing our work-life balance and we must take care of it.

I support feminism but I do doubt one of the consequences of feminism when it reaches the pinnacle. Since human race flourished on the planet we have evidence that men were out to hunt and women were at home taking care of livelihood and children, now imagine a day when feminism is at its peak and men and women considered equal in society in all aspects of life: Then don’t you think that it will lead to a loss of motherhood in a family and children will be deprived of mother’s love (as they may be working women as their fathers) and they will be brought up by babysitters? This question arises from an argument by a radical feminist Shulamith Firestone that “women would never be truly free of patriarchy until they were freed from the yoke of reproduction”. She imagined a day when babies could be created in a mechanical uterus, freeing women from the physical subjugation of childbirth.
You need to ponder on this if you are radical feminist and if you are not then let me know what do you think about this in the comment box.

The statistics of old age homes also breaks my heart into pieces. Last decade saw a huge surge in the numbers of people living in the old age homes. Can’t say about the Western people but I don’t think Indians were like this before. I don’t want to go deep in the reason behind these statistics, but one thing for sure that their children are one the reasons why their parents are compelled to be in the old age homes instead of their homes when they need their children most. It’s a life cycle: during childhood we need our parents and in old age our parents need us. So, take a pledge that you will never let this happen in your family, friends and relatives.

Are we losing morality as a society?

When did we embed this (old age homes) in our culture?

Gone are those when we were just looking at the love between a mother and a child, now we are in a situation where we need to ask tough questions from ourselves regarding this relationship before it’s too late.

“Being a mother is the highest paid job, since the payment is pure love” – Mildred Vermont

Hence, at last, I can just say that love your mother as much as possible and try to spend time with her because chronologically she will the one to leave this world before you and you can’t deny this harsh truth. So, make the most of the moments left (I said moments because calendar may show you years left but it’s just a few moments whether you realise it or not).

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Vikranth

    Very good post about mother..Mother sacrifices her life by dedicating her time towards children all the time..we need to make her happy and make her to take rest from all her household activities..

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