Vinayaki’s Death: Call for strict Animal Rights

Animal Rights

Vinayaki’s Death: Call for strict Animal Rights


Animal activists, animal lovers and every other people were outraged at the death of Vinayaki, the mother elephant who was 2 months pregnant in Kerala. It all started last week and the intensity of the incident grew with each passing day.

It all started on 27th May, when she was found dead in the Veliyar river of Thayamkundu village in Kerala. The cited reason for death is eating of Pineapple filled with Crackers and the authorities are investigating the case to find the culprits, by now 1 has been arrested and 2 are under interrogation.

The incident outraged the public it is obvious it must be. Everyone who came through the news felt helpless for Vinayaki. Celebrities supported the cause and have been demanding strict legal action against the culprits. Yes, the culprits must be severely punished.

Footage and video clips are attached

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Celebs Reaction

Bollywood celebrities have been generally very vocal regarding social issues and the same was expected in this case. Numerous B-Town celebs condemned the barbaric act and demanded strict legal action against the culprits and their action was immensely supported by their millions of followers. It feels breath-taking when celebrities speak about these incidents and some of their reactions are mentioned below.

There are many more reactions and including them all here was not possible.
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That was the first part of the blog where I showed the incident and the reaction.

Now I am about to begin the 2nd part of the blog where I will discuss cruelty against animals in the name of luxury and why we must demand strict laws against animal crimes. 

We are all aware of expensive and luxurious lifestyle products made from animal skin. It breaks my heart to see that these are top brands in the world and their customers are the elites of the world and generally we see the film stars adorning themselves with such products.

And it is not just about animal skin, leather, fur, wool, silk are also commonly used for making exclusive products and the process is painful.

For more detail, visit –

Let’s talk about some of the top brands in the world manufacturing luxurious lifestyle products.



Louis Vuitton




In a nutshell, all they use animal parts for their products. It’s a special request to the animal activists to raise some voice against them and also the celebrities must demand strict action against animals killed for their luxurious lifestyle and they must boycott the products.

Browsing over the internet for collecting some information for writing this blog I came across an article which had the list of most expensive luxury handbags made from animal skin (generally crocodile and alligator). The price tag was unbelievable, and the more shocking part was their huge demand and advance order and customization in some cases too. This represents the demand created by these celebrities and to fulfil the demand numerous animals are killed.

When will the celebrities start condemning and boycotting these products to ensure the life of animals are saved.

List of luxury bags made with animal skin

Most luxurious bag brands in the world (check it out)

Celebs luxury

Was overwhelmed when I saw our B-Town Celebs condemning the killing of Vinayaki (the mother elephant) and demanding strict legal action against the culprits. But on the other side felt heart-broken on their hypocrisy regarding the killing of animals. They adorn themselves with luxurious products that are made from animals. And if the specific product they use may not be from animal skin but the brands they use are known for using animal skin for their products.This type of hypocrisy regarding animal killing must not be accepted and they must stop using such products and boycott them and them demand for strict legal actions against such brands.
Their voices are important because they have millions of followers and it will be very impactful

I present a couple of examples:

Alia Bhatt and Louis Vuitton

Anushka Sharma and Louis Vuitton

The only ray of hope against animal cruelty is PETA who has been working for animal rights for a long time. Their work has been impactful as now some of the brands like Chanel, Marc Jacob have declared themselves vegan.
I pray for their efforts to be successful at a larger scale.
The process of making these products are so horrifying that you won’t be able to watch the footage more than a minute. I have attached a couple.

Peta against animal use in luxury products

At last, I would like to say that animals also have life just like humans and killing them for such reasons is not justified and we must demand strict action against such criminal activities. We must also request those who use it or encourage it to use to boycott it straight away and save the lives of animals. 

This is the time, iron is hot, the hammer must be struck; otherwise, we may lose the momentum.

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  1. Arnav

    Truly eye opening, thanks for such insight

  2. Sam

    Y is everyone pointing out the fault in the villagers, they were protecting their crop from wild animals, they had to do something to protect themselves from the big elephant or any kind of wild animal. To overcome this, u have to provide a solution for both ( animals and farmers nearby)

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