Why we do What we do? – Spiritualism Vs Materialism

Why and what we do?
Life Purpose

Why we do What we do? – Spiritualism Vs Materialism

Hello everyone

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Why we do what we do?

This is probably the perfect time to ask this question because we are in lockdown and we are not doing activities we used to do before the lockdown. Those things which we considered of supreme importance in the cosmos have now been kept aside for more than a month and maybe for the next month also.

This scenario makes us realize the importance of our existence versus the activities we used to do completely ignoring ourselves.

Yes, I agree,

Education is important (that degree needs to be hung on the wall)

Work is important (that money needs to be put in the bank account and other Investments)

The gym is important (that muscular body needs to be shown off)

Mall and theatres are important (shopping and movie selfies must be uploaded)

Vacation is important (that memory needs to be made)

Going to Mosques, Churches and Temples are important (that faith needs to be maintained)

Going to the industry is important (that product needs to be manufactured).

But, but, but hold on a second, have we been doing these things for the past month?

No, not and probably will not do so for the next month also.

This situation poses a tough question in front of us that must be answered during this quarantine or else once the lockdown is lifted, we won’t be able to answer this.

The question is……..

What is the greatest Motivation in your life?

Now the answers may have started to pop up in your mind and it may range from – Getting that prestigious degree, Securing the dream job, Starting a successful business venture, That dream vacation, the Dreamhouse, the 10 figure bank balance, that expensive sports car, the dream life surrounded by all luxuries, making your parents proud and all the other dreams that you wish to fulfil.

Now I would like to give my answer.

The greatest motivation in your life is DEATH (because it is only what keeps you alive). Don’t worry I will justify my answer in this article. Just read through.

Look we were all busy in our lives chasing our dreams and working to achieve it. But as soon as this pandemic hits and we are asked to stay at home (exceptions excluded) leaving all our activities and work as it is to save our lives and also of others, we do it willingly and are going to continue to stay at home for around a month more.

The numbers are terrifying and I am sure you don’t want to be one among those.

Now go back to your answer to my question, whatever the answer was – Be it one among what I listed or something else, I don’t care if it didn’t match my answer.

I questioned about the greatest motivation of your life and if your answer was something else than death, then you are probably wrong because death is the only motivation for being alive which is evident these days.

If death would not have been the driving force behind your life then you must not have been following the lockdown so religiously (exceptions excluded for the essential service providers).

We are probably following this lockdown so religiously because there are slim chances of death if not death then some fatal medical condition only because we value our life.

We value and realise our existence only when there is a question of our non-existence.

Most of the times we ignore the value of our existence and we feel like worthless with zero achievements and life does not seem to make much sense. And we don’t feel important being in the cosmos but trust me on this you are wrong because in the eyes of nature or you can say The Almighty everyone is equal, be it a millionaire or a beggar because nature treats both equally. So never feel worthless and never forget the importance of your existence.

And yes, I missed it above to clarify that I am not against your dreams and your efforts to achieve it. As some of you may interpret my words as I am saying to keep aside your dreams and sit in a Zen mode 24/7 to realise the value of your existence.

No, not that would be senseless. Because we are a part of this world and so we also need to have the world’s luxuries in our life to make it better.

Just mind my words, I asked for the greatest motivation for your life and death gets the full marks as an answer because all the dreams are materialistic and hence they cannot be the greatest motivation for your life because once you have achieved that particular dream then you have probably lost your greatest motivation.

The greatest motivation must be something eternal and sacred which outweighs every worldly pleasure which cannot be traded. It must also remain constant throughout your life.

Let’s look at it from another perspective. Let’s think it like this -All the other dreams that you have been subjected to change with time. Just for instance remember what were your dreams when you were 10 years old, 15 years old, 20 years old or even the last year. You will notice drastic changes in your dreams 18overtime and accordingly the dreams you have right now may or may not change with time.

Hence these dreams cannot be the greatest motivation in your life. Yes, I agree dreams act as a source of motivation and keeps you going but this is only till the moment that dream is fulfilled.

After that you are left with vacuum of thoughts and a faded future, then you come up with a new dream to achieve and this cycle goes on and on. This fact also disqualifies dreams as greatest motivation because greatest motivation must be something constant, present each second of your life.

So, I am just asking you to introspect yourself this quarantine. Ask questions about your existence, about your deeds, what else you can do to satisfy yourself.

Long story short, just realise the value of your existence (and also do something meaningful and worth remembering for centuries in your life, apart from your materialistic desires) before being presented the question of your non-existence.

Now I am presenting you with the story of a man who will justify my words.

This is the story of an extremely successful businessman from Sydney.

Banat Ali 

Banat Ali was an Australian Businessman who later turned a humanitarian philanthropist.

He owned a security and Electrical Company.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in October. His life completely changes after being diagnosed off stage 4 cancer and knowing that he’s only a few months left

After this, he turned into a humanitarian philanthropist who founded a charitable organization named MATW which is still operating to maintain his legacy. He started building mosques and schools for children. He travelled to Africa frequently and supplied the children with basic amenities of life (and sometimes donated his luxurious possession too).

Since then he started getting rid of all his materialistic positions gradually and decided to leave the world with no possessions.

He set the example for preferring humanitarian deeds over achieving materialistic goals.

He can be an inspiration in our life also. He taught us very well that at the end of your its only your deeds that matter as you will leave the world a better place only by your good deeds and not by your possessions.

This is an epitome of what I was talking about.

If you want to read about him in detail, I have mentioned the links.

I would like to conclude now saying just one thing – Don’t wait for that day in your life like Banat Ali to realize the importance of humanitarian deeds, just start contributing towards humanity today.

Materialistic possessions are important but also keep in mind the value of your existence and you owe yourself to humanity.

Thank you for reading this far.

Go ahead and give your opinions. Your comments are warmly welcomed.

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  1. Sarvan

    Good Article.. Nicely explained the difference between spirituality and materialism in right…. Keep up the great work!!!!! 🙂

  2. Bharathi Cheruvu

    As usual Preeti🥰😍🙏..very inspiring!! Very apt topic for this pandemic period. Lot of learnings!! Very well written 👌👌👍. Thank you 💖💞😘

  3. Sirish

    Very good article. However, if I have to ask – should death be the motivation to live how we want OR should life be the motivation to be ready to welcome death anytime? Won’t it be possible?

  4. Harvey

    The article really cleared the fog in front of my eyes. I think we all know the truth but do not possess the courage to accept it. Time makes us loose our fears and stare the truth in the eye. Thus, we become wise.

  5. Venugopal Koppada

    This article reminds me of an English lesson that I’ve learnt at high school. The title of the lesson is “ In Celebration of being Alive.” by Christian Bernard. The biggest motivation that should drive us all is the fact that we are alive today and there is no guarantee of a beautiful tomorrow. Very well written Preeti… Keep them coming….

  6. Arnav

    This perspective was just very woke, bravo!

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