RELATIONSHIP: Crucial aspects of Relationship

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RELATIONSHIP: Crucial aspects of Relationship

“Appreciate the strengths and acknowledge the weaknesses.”

So, appreciate my ideas and thoughts and acknowledge the faults in my writing.

As the quote reads ‘Appreciate the strengths and acknowledge the weaknesses’. I firmly believe in this especially when it comes to relationships. God has not created even a single human being who is perfect. Everyone has shortcomings and some strengths too. We know this fact very well but tend to forget when in a relationship and we expect our partner to be perfect in all aspects of life (which is a hypothetical situation).

So just appreciate the strengths of each other and acknowledge the weaknesses for healthy relation instead of complaining about the shortcomings of human nature.

The relationship is defined as the state of connection between two people.

But from my perspective, it is a much broader term which encompasses numerous aspects of human life which I have abbreviated as following-

R – respect each other

E – maintain an emotional connection

L – be loyal and love each other

A – affectionate behaviour

T – trust each other

I – interesting conversations

O – oneness attitude

N – nurture each other

S – sympathize

H – harmonious approach

I – interact frequently

P – perseverance nature.

Yeah, I know it looks cumbersome and difficult to inculcate, but take a second and read it once more. If you didn’t get the message yet then read it again.

Ok, fine …………So all I want to say is, yes the aspects in a relationship that requires our attention is numerous and hence it becomes difficult to follow. (Read the next line carefully). If it takes a huge effort to maintain the above-described aspects in a relationship then it’s probably not a healthy relationship and you are just going directionless.

Another way around it can be said that – “Healthy relationship is effortless and where effort is required the relationship is unhealthy.

Now let’s discuss some of the basic aspects of a relationship in detail.

The Perfect Match:

The very famous line which you must have heard infinite times in your life regarding your soulmate is – ‘Jode Aasman Mein bante Hain’.

I have dived deep in this paradox of searching the right partner and have never found evidence that either justifies the above statement 100% or denies it completely. Only god knows the truth.

But what I can say with utmost certainty is that there is only one person made for you in this Cosmos. I have experienced this personally and the outcome was the same when I interviewed my close ones.

There is only one person in the world who has the keys to open the locked parts of your heart.

So, the obvious question arises here – How to find the perfect partner?

Well, honestly there is not a particular answer to this question or any universally defined answer. The answer is very subjective and it completely depends on the person’s perspective. And also, you need to remember that there is no one perfect in this world, you need to find someone and then make the relationship perfect.

Finding yourself in someone else is the key to finding a great partner.

Another important aspect of finding a good partner is the Interests of each other (likes and dislikes). It is an established scientific fact that Likes repel and Unlike attract (magnetism) but in a relationship, Likes attract and unlike Repel.

You must sense an unexplainable vibe around that person and a feeling of unity and oneness.

Searching for a good partner!

Why not be one?


I like to use one analogy very often when talking about compatibility in a relationship. And that is – ‘Relationships are just like water, where fluidity and adjustable nature is required; because rigidity can break it.’

Let me explain it.

The basic characteristics of water are- fluid in nature (from high-pressure low pressure), and adjustable (take the shape of the container you keep it), and keeps and flowing respective of all the odds (like stones etc.) in the pathway.

Likewise, you can mirror those same characteristics in a prosperous relationship. The partners must have a fluid nature to understand and stand by the highs and lows of each other. Both of them must be adjustable to adapt to each other in the good and bad. And the last point is very crucial for a long-term relationship, it is not a choice, the partners must be strong enough to fight and overcome the challenges in their path and glide through them gracefully.


Humans are full of shortcomings and tend to make mistakes quite often (sometimes knowingly sometimes unknowingly). This nature of humans makes it very important to accept our mistakes and forgive the mistakes of our partner to have a prosperous relationship.

“An apology is not just a statement, it’s an invitation to reconnect.”

Apology and forgiveness go hand-in-hand.

It is a never-ending cycle of apologies and forgiveness in relationship, hence you must be flexible towards it because I bet you won’t even realize your change of state from apology to forgiveness and vice versa.

Rigidity is never appreciated in a relationship.

You can understand it by the following example.

Imagine that your partner made a mistake which you didn’t forgave acting out of your rigidity, then this behaviour will surely get inculcated in your partner and if in your future you commit a mistake then probably you may also not be forgiven. (Because every action has an equal and opposite reaction.)

And if this cycle keeps on repeating then your relationship becomes toxic and unbearable which yields to a breakup.

“Forgiveness is a good idea until you have something to forgive.”


Found the right partner, adjusted to the strengths and weaknesses, formed a cohesive bond (through forgiveness and apologies), but what after this.

Is it all? Is it the ultimate stage of a relationship?

Well, according to me this is just the beginning (first stage) because after all the above aspects of the relationship come perseverance which I call – ‘Journey to the eternity’.

“Came a long way from he/she is the one to we are the one.”

What’s the point of all the effort you put in if you can’t hold on to each other?

This is probably the less emphasized aspect of a relationship being the most important one.

The number of relationships that break down within a year (or a couple of years) is huge and it is very disheartening.

Perseverance is the key.

Holding on to each other in the odds of life is the best you can experience with your loved ones. Use your partner as your strength in overcoming the challenges thrown at you.

“Once overcome, you will cherish forever

Once broken, you will regret forever.”

“Respect, love, care, trust, protect in a relationship.”

I would like to conclude here.

Hoping for everyone to have good relations in your life.

May God bless you with the perfect partner.

Your opinions and comments will mean a lot to me and also share your experiences.

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Thank you for reading.

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    Very beautifully written and explained…
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    Very insightful. I could relate to the blog and see all these stages in my relationship. Hope to see some more of such topics.

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    This was truly eye opening for me, and i loved the way it is explained, Thank you so much!

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    Very well written blog Preeti👌♥️. Lot of learnings to improve our relationship with spouse🥰👍. The flow of thoughts and clarity about the subject is brilliant. Will definitely try to implement your ways in improving my relationship further. More power to you and God bless!

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